In blush lace with sparkle kicks on, she walks holding his hand. A beautiful bouquet of purple and pinks in the other. The chatter among her and their friends reflects a sort of giddiness in everyone’s voice. Before the ceremony has even started, these two have stolen a dozen kisses. A handful of secret smiles. […]

Rebecca, Wedding

May 5, 2020

Tim + Kayla | Spring Wedding in Nebraska

Her head lightly rests on his shoulder. He leans in gently. A sense of peace about them. In their own world, kneeling towards the altar. You can almost feel the Holy Spirit hovering over them. Earlier that day, in subzero temps, Meghan, covered in lace and grace, peeks around the corner to get a sneak […]

Rachel, Rebecca, Wedding

February 4, 2020

Nate + Meghan | January Wedding in Nebraska

Sometimes things just work. A perfect pair on a perfect day with perfect details and perfect family and perfect fun. Is that exaggerating? Not really. Perfection is hard to attain but we can’t help but think we witnessed it on Katelynn and Cory’s big day. Katelynn has a smile on her face all day. She […]

Rachel, Rebecca, Wedding

January 2, 2020

Cory + Katelynn | Kearney, Nebraska Wedding

She has a timeless beauty. A calming smile. But the right look from her could kill. (She’d never, though.) Gorgeous hair. Tall, blonde bombshell. And one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. No wonder he fell in love her with. Eric holds her and hugs her with a gentleness. Like she’s so sweet and […]

Rebecca, Wedding

December 4, 2019

Eric + Rachel | North Bend, NE Fall Wedding

Out of nowhere, the tears don’t just fall. They rush. They pour. All of a sudden, the last several years seem so significant, because they’ve brought them to this point. He falls into her. She holds him. He needs her. She comforts him. She needs him. He lifts her spirits. Together, they’re in harmony. And […]

Rachel, Rebecca, Wedding

November 19, 2019

Aaron + Starla | Southwestern Nebraska Fall Wedding

From the day he put the ring on her finger, she couldn’t stop looking at it. A symbol of their future. All her dreams coming true. Even on her wedding day, she glances down at the ring. Her smile goes on for miles. She’s found the one God planned for her. He’s more than she […]


October 21, 2019

Daniel + Shannon | Late Summer Omaha Nebraska Wedding

It’s the ultimate fairytale; every little girl’s dream. You grow up – observing your parents love for each other. Your dad loves his wife with such a servant’s heart – so kind, gentle, and unwavering. You can’t help but wonder what your forever will look like and who your forever will be. And as life […]

Rachel, Rebecca, Wedding

October 5, 2019

Dustin + Kelli | Dreamy Outdoor Nebraska Wedding

Two of the most selfless people. Decide to have a wedding. 9 years in the making. The wedding of the century. Likely the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Decide to have a wedding. FINALLY. And not finally like, it’s about darn time. Although, I’m sure many of their friends and family were thinking that. Finally. […]


September 3, 2019

Cody + Anna | Downtown Lincoln Nebraska Wedding

Hand in hand, they walk towards the vineyard. Their friends and family fading in the distance. Smiles as big as the open sky. Quietly talking to each other and giggling like school kids. The sun is setting behind the vineyard. They can’t keep their eyes off each other. Drew barely knows we are there; fixated on […]


August 2, 2019

Drew + Ashley | North Platte, Nebraska Vineyard Wedding

The girls huddle around her. Their cheerful and gracious smiles worn brightly on their faces. They know how deserving this woman is, and today is the day. It’s her day. It’s their day. They have waited. They have planned. They have been on the journey. And today, they will say ‘I do’ and make a life long […]


July 13, 2019

Justin + Aubriel | Southwest Nebraska Wedding

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